Facebook will forever exist in a cycle of tweaks to its UI and algorithms, and even doing basic tasks can get tricky since things are always changing. If you manage a business page, you’ll often get users who will like a post, but not your page. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to invite them to like your Facebook page as well.

Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

First off, here’s how to invite your friends to like a Facebook page: go to your page feed, then select the “meatballs” icon (•••) at the top right below your cover picture. In the dropdown menu, select “Invite Fiends”. From there, a popup will open where you can search for and invite your friends to like the page.

Screenshot of Facebook menu
Screenshot of Facebook menu

Invite People Who Liked a Post to Like Your Facebook Page

To invite people who liked one of your posts to also like your page, start by clicking the notifications icon at the top-right of the page, and from the dropdown, select any notification about recent likes to one of your posts.

Screenshot of Facebook notification icon

On the post view that opens, click on the number of likes for the post so see the names of everyone who liked it. A popup modal will open where you can see whether that person already likes your page, and if not, there will be an “Invite” button which will send them a message inviting them to like your page.

Screenshot of modal to invite users to like page

From there you’re all set and have one more small but useful trick for growing your Facebook audience!